Sci-fi Tech-Noir Photoshoot

The Android versus the Detective hunting her. 

Susana Rogers and Patrick Bone-Co-Designers

Photographer Theresa Sicurezza

SKZM Magazine Photoshoots


Hate Series

Roaches, untied shoelaces and tomatoes come together in this cringeworthy series of its creators' least favorite things.

Patrick Bone-Co-Designer

Mike Gentile-Photographer

Zodiac Signs

Four zodiac signs co-exist in their natural habitats. Here we have Cancer, Gemini, Pisces and Taurus. Can you identify which is which? (Hint-I'm the Cancer)

With Darren Martin-Photographer

Amberlynn Pope and Rachel Burt-Co-Designers

Creative Person Mini-Documentary

Amanda Nolte founder of Alee & Press