Photographer Pat Hart

How I got to the Creative Circus

An interesting path has led me to finally becoming a Designer. Below is a detailed infographic which explains the twists and turns which led me here.  If you want to take a look inside my head and see all the whys, whens, wheres and hows... they are all here. 

Museums love their buttons and as an Art Historian I've worked at 3 of them: The MET in NYC, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, and The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA. These are just a few of the buttons I've gathered over the years. Photographer Theresa Sicurezza


I'm a lover of art with a European heart. The year I spent working in Venice, Italy, studying Art History allowed me to discover my own taste and creativity. Discussing, writing and theorizing on other artists' work wasn't enough to fulfill my thirst for expression.

Turns out I am an artist myself.